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To connect at the time of your appointment, click on the provider name you are scheduled to meet with.

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Shahin Carter PA-C
Chris Crum, PA-C
Ashish Dwary, MD
Matthew Filoon, NP-C
Aimee Goseland, FNP-C
Sean Hehn, MD
Esther Hehn, DNP
Hidong Kim, MD
Emre Koca, MD
Susan Kohler, MD
Sara Matar, MD
Mariah McGaffey, PA-C
Erin Nelli, DO
Heidi Ogletree, NP-C
Brett Poisson, MD
Mujahid Rizvi, MD
Aleksandra Sander, MD
Alison Savage, MD
Sandra Taylor, MD

Oral Cancer Therapy

At the time of your appointment, connect to a Telehealth visit with your nurse educator to learn about your oral cancer therapy and the medication prescribed by your doctor.

Telehealth Oral Cancer Education

Using Telehealth

• Our platform is called which is HIPAA compliant.


• You do not have to download any apps. If you want to use your computer, you need a microphone and video camera. Your cell phone will also work. Telehealth works on Mac, Windows, and Android operating systems. Supported browsers include Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

• Your provider’s Medical Assistant will give you a telephone call 5-10 minutes before your appointment to ask you clinical questions.

• Prior to your appointment, click on the “Pre-call” test in the lower left-hand corner to check your audio and video are working properly. Be sure your device is charged or plugged in, so you won’t lose connection during the visit. Close unnecessary programs to maximize the quality of the connection.

• Your provider will join you when they are ready.

• If the call drops in the middle of the visit, just wait. Your provider will either reconnect with you or phone you.

• You will be billed for the an office visit the same as if you were in the office. Our staff will review any co-pay and billing questions with you prior to your visit.

• During your visit, there is the possibility your provider may find that you need to come in for an in-person visit or seek a higher level of care for further evaluation. If you are directed to come into one of our offices, you will be charged for only one visit.


By using this platform, you have chosen to receive care through the use of Telehealth, which enables us to provide safe, effective, and convenient care through the use of video technology. As a new technology that delivers healthcare services, Telehealth may not be equivalent to direct patient-to-physician contact. Risks associated with use of Telehealth include equipment failure, poor image resolution, and the need to seek additional care in person if deemed necessary.

By using this platform, I understand that:

My provider at Heamtology Oncology Associates has determined a Telehealth visit is appropriate. I can decline the Telehealth service at any time without affecting my right to future care or treatment. I may have to travel to see a health care practitioner in-person if I decline the Telehealth service. The same confidentially protections that apply to my other medical care also apply to the Telehealth service. I will have access to all medical information resulting from the Telehealth service as provided by law. The information from the Telehealth service (images that can be identified as mine or other medical information from the Telehealth service) cannot be released to anyone else without my additional written consent. I will be informed of all people who will be present at all sites during my Telehealth service. I will agree to an in-person visit if the provider decides that is necessary. I am giving permission to release Telehealth information to my insurance company or third-party payer.