Going Green

Going Green

At Hematology Oncology Associates, we take our responsibility towards the environment as seriously as we take our commitment to our patients. That is why we installed a 56-kilowatt solar array on the roof of our Barnett Avenue office.

Comprising more than two hundred 245-watt panels spread over the roof of the oncology offices, the solar array reduces our annual power consumption by nearly 15 percent—and as much as 25 percent on sunny days. During weekends and holidays when the office is closed, the array produces enough energy to power six three-bedroom homes.

With this sustainable technology, every seventh CT scan we perform is solar-powered. We are proud to be doing our part to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Solar Energy Monitor

Click on the link below to monitor the performance of our solar panels. It shows the amount of energy we’ve generated, total carbon offset and other interesting statistics!